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Truffle Hound is an early-stage venture fund focusing on exceptional founders

To date, it has realised 26% of its investment portfolio, achieving cash returns of 6.7x.


Our involvement is as a passive investor, investing in the first institutional round of funding alongside top-tier VC funds. As a solo capitalist, Truffle Hound operates without the encumbrance of protracted decision-making processes, and the structural, management and administrative burden of GP/ LP partnerships. 

We are founders, we share other founders’ experiences, and we are used to working with them at scale to identify the edge that will make a transformational difference. Along with our sister company, Aurelius Advisers, we work closely with founders to ensure that their capital and exit planning strategies align with their business plan, at every stage of the journey.



Our current focus is on Web3, AI / ML and automation.



Truffle Hound HQ

53 Davies Street

London W1K 5JH


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